The Gasworks - March 4, 2014

CRTTRZ playing with Icarus The Owl



Four young guns playing something they love, this twinkly band started in October of 2012. The modern line-up consists of Anthony Rivali on Bass/Vox, Dustin Foster-Valencia on Guitar/Vox, Gabriel Angel Fuentes on Guitar/Vox, Tristan Garwood on Drum/Vox.

We are math rock, mathcore, whatever you want to call, "twinkly", "Tele", "tappy"-esque music, that's what we do, and we adore it.

In the basement, underneath the stench of the city, creepy crawly critters are amuck. Waiting to forgo the imminent transformation to the psyche. Soundscapes, reminiscent of cavernous havens of reverberative conscious matrices. Making music to send you to space. And beyond....